Talking to the Time…

You Are Marketing Against Time

You Are Marketing Against Time

Like it or not, time will always not wait for you.  While you are procrastinating, time just tick, tick and tick past away. Hence, the marketer must always be aware that he or she is racing against time.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or little marketing budget,  it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a master degree in marketing, and it doesn’t matter whether you are smart or a slow learner; you need to show results immediately!

Marketers should be “Results Go-Getters” for their bosses. Big corporations do not pay CMOs millions dollars worth of annual salary for nothing. Neither do small medium enterprises employ marketing managers for the sake of fun. They EXPECT you to perform in your first virgin month! Yes, your first virgin month!

This very first post, I believe I have to set your minds into thinking if you are venturing into marketing, that Procrastination is always the number killer for all marketers. Most people will think marketing is a “sit down, relax and shake legs” job. All a marketer can do is spend the company’s marketing budget by engaging ad agency, publishers or media to do the job. However they may be wrong as this is the job of a lazy marketing coordinator who does not takes his work with pride and he is truly not a real marketer.

A real marketer is someones who is always performing, always shows results on time, over-delivers what he or she promised, someone who constantly thinks of business strategies to open up new revenues and markets for their CEOs. A real marketer is the strategist of the corporation. The success or failure of the company depends on him or her deeply.

It is neither easy or difficult to become a real performing marketing expert. All you need is to have a vision and clear goal of what you going to see for your company in the  coming years ahead. With a clear goal, start devising ‘do-able” marketing strategies and take ACTION immediately.

Please do not wait for the cows to come home, they will never come; start marketing something now.

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