Why “Spam Marketing” Always Backfires?

Email SPAM Marketing will Never Work

Email SPAM Marketing Never Works

Email spam marketing is the most frustrating and the worst marketing strategy today. It angers your receivers, who do not know you, the moment they opened their inboxes and saw your marketing emails for the first time.

If your company is getting businesses through sending spam emails on the internet, my advice to you, “STOP SPAMMING”, for it will cause your company more harm than good.

Here are the reasons why:

Your Reputation Flushing Down the Toilel Bowl

Email Spam and Flush Your Reputation Away

Email Spam and Flush Your Reputation Away

What will you do the moment you realize that email in your inbox is  a spam? Very certain, you will delete it or mark it as spam, perhaps some of you may curse the sender for wasting your time opening their unsolicited emails. There are also instances where marketing letters are sent through a emailblast marketing system with the word “ADV” on the subject title or an unsubscribe link in the email contents. This may go hand in hand under the Can-Spam Act, however, if you think in the minds of your receivers, they will still mark you as a email spammer for sending them unwanted advertisements without their permission.

Spamming can tarnish your reputation easily like crushing an ant with your finger. If you are thinking about brand building or long term growth of your company, do not spam. Spamming can cost your business to be gone for good.

Wasting Your Energy and Time

Email spamming waste time and energy and create lots of frustration. Newbie marketers who try marketing through spam will receive herds of complaints every single day, dampening their spirit to move on. On top of that, spammers waste time sending emails to strangers which 99.95% will not like what you have to offer. You are wasting lots of energy and time on targeting that 0.05% of the emails that you send. Time is “happily” wasted and there is no signs of marketing results. For B2B businesses, even if you manage to get a response, when you meet up with that prospect, there is a higher chance that he or she will not buy anything from you cos in the first place, you have created a bad impression on them through your spam.

 What Else You Can Do?

Well, there is super lots of great credible ways to do to market your businesses. Knowing that companies who do spam marketing are usually low in their marketing budgets. Some of the cost efficient marketing methods which I can suggest to them is article marketing, get an ‘auto-responder’ and send regular ezines to your subscribers, or simply set up your ppc marketing campaign on a monthly budget that you can handle.

Just remember, it is always best to let your prospects come to you, this will make your selling easier; rather than you sending them advertising messages through spamming. You never know what is happening on the other side of that spam mail, perhaps your receivers may just got into a fight with their spouses or got fired by their bosses; and what will they react when they see your “friendly neighbourhood spam email?”

Frustrated Over a Little Spam?

Frustrated Over a Little Spam?

P R E C I S E L Y….

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