ShoutOut Marketing is a Deadly Marketing Mistake

Marketing Messages That Shout Will Annoy Your Prospects

ShoutOut Marketing Will Only Annoy Your Prospects


20% Discount. Hurry, While Stock Last!

$1999 only. Warehouse Sale!

Look familiar to you? These are what I classify as ShoutOuts marketing messages or simply  “Noisy marketing”. This is the most common marketing methods you will see anywhere in the world. In actual, this is one of the worst marketing mistakes even big corporations worldwide are making today costing them millions of marketing dollars. ShoutOut marketing may not be relevant today and here are the reasons why.

Your Consumers Are Not Stupid

Today, with the advancement of high speed knowledge, many people can acquire lots of knowledge via the internet in split seconds. Your prospects may be smarter than you in terms of your company products and services. ShoutOut marketing messages only makes your prospects suspect your company credibility and whether your products is good or not is still a question mark.

Noisy Marketing Annoys Customers

The problem with ShoutOut marketing is that it ANNOYS your customer. Look at the differences between a noisy ad message and a subtle one, both marketing the same product.


“Get Good Quality Shoes at 50% of Retail Pricing Today.”

Notice the difference between the two? If the message is too noisy, it will tend to annoy your prospect, making you lose that potential business. Hence, do not shout, be as subtle as possible.

You Need Prospects to Focus, Don’t Scare Them Away

ShoutOut marketing messages will frighten your prospect away. Some will see you as unreliable and they will become suspicious of your products and services. And when they “run away”, you will lose their focus.  You may really have a terrific product that will definitely solve the problems of your targeted audience, however shouting will do you more harm than good. Reduce the shouting and gain more focus through subtle marketing.

Finally, you understand that ShoutOut marketing messages may not work in today’s era where consumers are more savvy and smarter.

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