“You Have Only 1 Second to Get My Attention”

The "1-Second" Attention Rule

The "One-Second" Attention Rule

In today’s internet and mobile era, information is always over in supply. Everyone can get what they want, in just one click. Consumers today are bombarded with millions tons of marketing info and messages, glitzy images of ads every single day.

It become so norm that the new generation of customers today have grown to be more skeptical towards ads. And they also develop a habit to skim off unwanted marketing messages and information from their minds, ignore as many as possible and only remember the ones that “get stuck” in their head.

As a competent marketer, you may need to understand that the marketing landscape of competition have changed tremendously, your marketing message must catch the attention of your prospects in the shortest time possible. You need to apply Jacky’s “One-Second” Attention Rule to create powerful ads and commercials that instantly “get stuck” into your consumers’ mind.

You only have one second to make your prospects like you. Yes – One Unique Second. (1 sec) Marketers need to think out of their comfort zones and create unique eye catching marketing messages, graphics or sounds that will hold that prospect for that one second.

If you are marketing on the internet, the most basic aspect to look at first is to create a reader friendly website, in which at one glance, whether your company is good enough for your prospects or not. Because information today is too overly abundant, if a prospect is able to focus on what you going to say in your website for more than “1 minute”. You will have a winner because he or she has a pretty good impression on you and your company.

You need to “wriggle” your prospects subconscious mind and their five senses in one single second. Always remember that your website need to look credible, look easy and will always answer to your prospects’ problems.  While constructing your marketing mediums such as TV commercials, website or a simple 2 line ads; always think in the shoes of YOUR targeted audience.

If you were the prospects, what would you think, feel or react instantly when you saw this ad. Remember it is not about you the marketer but it is about how you can help your prospects to solve their issues with your products and services.

Your AD must stop People From Going to the Loo.

Your AD must stop People From Going to the Loo.

Your company have invested millions of advertising dollars on buying media air times for your commercials. Hence, you have an important mission to STOP prospective customers from going to the washroom during commercial break with your ad.

Remember, the higher the density of your competition, the more you have to create more “one-second” attention moments. If you are on a low marketing budget, do not worry. You can still create good simple ads or website that will make your prospect stay dead focus on them.

“One-Second” attention rule can help the marketer and his or her company to rise above the competition. So apply the “One-Second” attention rule today!

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