Always Avoid Ego Marketing and Ego Branding

Ego Marketing Will Not Make You Go Far

Ego Marketing Will Not Make You Go Far. Be Humble.

Ego marketing or what I called “Only Me” Marketing is another killer marketing strategy. Egoistic brands cannot last long in the competition. And they can even be cut off by new market players as well.

Some example of signs of Ego marketing messages are:

1. We Are The BEST in the WHOLE NATION.

2. No Company Can Win Our Glorious History.

3. Our BRAND is a SuperBrand, Every one wants to Have.

4. Deal with Us and You Will Never Regret.

5. We Are Always Number One. No One Can Defeat Us.

Now you get the idea of it? One common unique characteristics we can see in Ego marketing and branding strategies, is the emphasis on the “I”, “Us” and “We”. This is one common mistakes especially major corporations today are still committing.

Use subtle-ly or better avoid using these ego words or phrases in your ad messages such as inventor, pioneer, number 1, better than the rest, award winning, super, most prestigious. Remember, your customers don’t care whether you are number one or number two, they just want to know if you really care to solve their problems or not.

According to one ancient Chinese military strategy from Sun Zi’s Art of War, it stated that if your enemy (in this case, your competitors) is very egoistic and proud of his past glories, defeat him much more using his own ego.

Proud  Companies Get "Killed" Easily in the Marketing Wars

Proud Companies Get "Killed" Easily in the Marketing Wars

Companies or individuals who are proud of their glorious future, are always stuck in their past; they will find it difficult to look at their present situation. On top of that, they will never try to advance. New and young market players even without a high marketing and  branding budget can still defeat their egoistic competitors easily without direct conflict such as price wars.

To win them, rub their ego further and at the same time win customers relationship through your honesty, sincerity and outstanding services. On your marketing mediums, put down your ego and be humble. For the customers are your eternal paymasters, not you or your bosses.  Today customers are usually picky in choosing the products they buy; if they feel your service sucks and you are damn too proud of your brand, they will avoid buying from you gradually & forever. Furthermore, their friends will also stop buying from you.

Hence in a nutshell, Ego marketing will tend to divert your existing customers and new prospects away from you to your humble competitors. You might get a few customers who are as egoistic as you but you will have much difficulty in getting the larger share of the market if you continue to focus on “I, Myself and Me.”

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