Your Prospect Says, “What Is In For Me?”

A Good Marketer Must Give What Your Targeted Prospects Want

A Good Marketer Must Give What Your Targeted Prospects Want.

I know that your company sells a very good product with very good features and is selling on a lower than market price. I know that your company is big, listed in the stock exchange, has a large paid up capital and 6000 employees worldwide. It is also good that you told me that this is your very first job in sales and marketing, and you got use your company products recently and you feel so good after using it. You also tell me that your relatives and friends love your product so much that they buy from you regularly, ordering from you every single month. You FINALLY said that you will be happy and grateful to me if I buy your product today at twenty bucks.

Guess what will I say???


Yes, yes, yes. Your prospects do not care about your product features and how it works, or how big your company is, or what have happen to you today. They simply don’t care. Why should they care about all this when it does not connects them? Why must they buy your product if you tell them your family also buy? So What!?

As a performing professional marketer of your company, you need to find the needs of your targeted market through research and analysis. You need to go out and find their ‘pain’ and how your product or services can help them solve their problem. If your prospects can’t see or feel their ‘pain’, show it to them and bring in your solution. Simple and easy.

By presenting the ‘pain’ to them initially, you are actually converting your product features, your company credibility, your references into their benefits, their trust in your company branding and their confidence in you.

Try to read and study the 3 examples below of how to connect your features to your prospects’ benefits.

1.”You see my product has a product warranty of 20 years and what it means to you is that you will not have to worry about paying the service fee for the next 20 years should this product needs repair.”

2. “My company has over 10 years in advertising. Hence, you can rest assured that we will develop a top notch commercial for your company branding and making you stand out from your competition in no time.”

When Your Marketing Speaks Well to Your Prospects' Problem, You Will Sure Make Them Happy.

3. “My uncle just bought the 3rd time, these hair growing shampoo from me yesterday due to the successful hair regrowing results he has seen after trying out my product for 2 months. John, your hair problem is very crucial and I hope you can quickly recover soon with my product just like my uncle.”

Remember think in the shoes of your prospective consumer market before you create or execute any new marketing strategies. In this way, you will definitely have a better hit rate for your strategies.

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