How to Create a Successful Google PPC Campaign?

Today, no matter industry you are in, pay per click advertising on Google is super competitive. Everyone is placing the highest bid to get into the top ranking positions. However, many advertisers may not realize that Google may not give them  the highest ad position even if they bidded exorbitantly sky-towering cost due to their low quality score.

In my opinion, I believe the quality score system of Google PPC is very fair compare to other media search engines, it will usually rewards  good credible websites. Other media search engines are still in the brick-n-mortar advertising era where the more money the advertiser pay, the better ad position he or she will get.

You may currently be struggling in your Google PPC campaign at the moment; at the time of reading, you may also be “cursing” Google now for not honoring the appearance on first page for so many years even though you pay them hundreds or even thousands dollars of advertising fees each month.

So how do you create a successful Google PPC campaign and at least put your website on the first page of Google?

Here are some tips to share with you.

1. Create a Good, Relevant & Credible Website.

Create Relevant Web-pages for Your Google Ads

Create Relevant Web-pages for Your Google Ads

Write your USP on a new individual webpage and make your website easy to navigate. Make sure you have a call to actions on every page. The more credible your website is perceived, the higher chance your website conversion.  Moreover, Google will like to partner with a credible and reputable advertiser in the niche industry.

2. Never “Smoke” Google

Google will Know if You "Smoked" Them

Google will Know if You "Smoked" Them

“Smoke”, in my country’s lingo, simply means lying to Google. Occasionally, some advertisers’ websites will be randomly reviewed and checked by Adwords team; link farms (websites that are created for the sake of making money through adsense) are usually banned from the Adwords network. Irrelevant websites and irrelevant keywords used,  will be given a poor quality score and this will therefore affect the ad ranking of the advertisers.

3. Create Relevant Ads & Place Them Correctly on Relevant Ad Groups

Irrelevant Ads Will Make You Look Dead in the Sea of Competition

Irrelevant Ads Will Make You Look Dead in the Sea of Competition

Create relevant ad groups and ad contents for related keywords. Take for example “boxing shorts”; put all related and long tail keywords to “boxing shorts” into the ad group such as, “red boxing shorts”, “silk boxing shorts” and so on. Create a new ad group and ad contents for not so related keywords such as “boxing gloves. The last important thing is to link the ads to relevant web page on your website.

In this way, your conversion rate will be higher and you ads Click-through rate (CTR) will also be relatively higher than your competitors who neglected this little tweak on their Adwords campaigns. A high level of CTR will eventually raise the level of your quality score. And the higher the quality score, the less it will cost you to place on the top 3 ad positions on Google search engine.

4. Don’t be Overly Ambitious on Google Display

Build your Brand on Google, Slowly, One at a Time

Build your Brand on Google, Slowly, One at a Time

Even if you have a million dollar budget to spend on Google each month, don’t be overly ambitious in your Google display ads placements. If you are selling boxing sports wear and equipment, place your ads on sports related websites. If you have a younger targeted audience, place you ads on popular youth websites and such. Never go over the line by placing you display ads all over the internet. It will be super costly and it will bring down your CTR due to irrelevancy on some websites. As a result, it may affect your ad ranking.

To simply create a successful Google Adwords Campaign, the 3 top things that you will need to be Relevant, be Relevant and be Relevant.

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