How to “Seduce” Your Audience With Your Writing?

Tips to Becoming a Good Writer

Tips on Becoming a Good Writer

As the saying goes, the pen is sharper than the sword. A good writer is able to influence their readers into their train of thought; he or she is able to encourage and motivate the reader, gain their trust, and make the readers practice what they learnt from them. What it means to you that, whether you are aspiring to be a author of a bestselling novel or you are a marketer representing your company products and brand, being good in writing can put you in many advantages.

However, it do takes a lot of effort and time to train yourself into a capable writer; to be someone who can ‘seduce’ your readers easily with words and phrases.

Here are some tips which may be helpful for you.

Use Words That Motivates Emotions

Recently, I read “The Tipping Point” from international bestselling author  Malcolm Gladwell. Have learnt that the word, “Yawn” is a very powerful and influential word. By repeatedly thinking of the word, ‘yawn’ in your head, somehow you will be ‘influenced’ to yawn naturally. If you see somebody yawn, you will automatically yawn as well.

Are You Yawning Now?

Are You Yawning Now?

Good writers knows what are the right words and when to place them well in their writings, on purpose. One of the ways to do this, is to write in the reader’s point of view and thinking. The writer needs to think of what will most of the readers think or react when they read a particular phrase in your writing. Put words that will drive people into action and  write words that will ‘paint pictures and images’ in your reader’s mind.

Use a Grabbing Title

Grab Your Audience Well, ......... Kindly

Grab Your Audience Well, ……… Kindly

The title of your book or your article should grab the attention of your readers immediately. Especially if you are writing an online article where readers online tend to have a shorter attention span. If the title is not ‘grabbing’ enough, the probability and chances of your article being read will be pretty slim. Example of this article title, if I were to name it as “How to write a good article.”, I might not be able to grab more readers. So, I named it, “How to seduce your audience with your writings.” So, GRAB well.

Ego is No Place for a Good Writer

To be a Good Writer, We May Need to Throw Away the Ego

To be a Good Writer, We May Need to Throw Away the Ego

When it comes to writing, you got to put off your ego. Everyone is the same, it’s just that the author puts in more effort and time than others. Ego here simply means that the author shouldn’t think that he or she is one level above the rest just because he or she has written a book before. Ego begets arrogance; and arrogance may lead to ignorance to the constant changing world around us. Ego will stop the writer from learning from other writers and therefore will stop them from producing a bestselling book in their lifetime. What I learnt from one of my marketing heroes, Seth Godin, is that he will sometimes selflessly share good pointers from other writers’ teaching with his readers in his books, thus making him one of the bestselling authors of today. When readers read an article, they may also sense the ‘attitude’ of the writer; hence a good writer will not show any signs of ego to the readers.

Write for the Benefits of Your Readers

Connect Your Thoughts and the Reader's Benefit, with a Bridge

Connect Your Thoughts and the Reader’s Benefits, with a Bridge

Make use of links or ‘bridges’ in your writing to connect with the readers. When you  write out your thoughts, continue to emphasize on how your thoughts or teachings can help and benefit your targeted readers in their way of lives. Always consider ‘what is in for them’ when you write. If you are marketing a product, do not just list the benefits and features of a product; your prospect won’t care at all if you do not ‘link’ it to their benefits. Use descriptive words that readers can link the benefits easily in their minds. For example, “this mattress is very firm such that you can still sleep soundly and peacefully like a  baby even if a ‘Yokozuna’ is jumping on the other side of the bed.

Accept Criticisms Openly

Since There May Bound to Have Difference, You Should Accept Criticism Positively With Open Arms

Since There May Bound to Have Difference, You Should Accept Criticism Positively With Open Arms

Face this reality. You cannot please everyone in the world. Somebody will have a different train of thought than yours. Hence, a good writer needs to be aware of this reality and prepare to accept criticisms with an open heart. Never argue with your critics. The more you defend, the more you will open yourself to more arrows of criticisms. There must be a reason why there’s critics to your thoughts. Try to think in the shoes of your critics and learn from them. They might be right in  a way or another. By understanding a different point of view, you’ll be able to write better articles that may win over your critics as well. That is one reason why many good writers can better writers consistently.

In conclusion, to seduce your audience with your writing, you will need to constantly produce, learn and improve your writing skills with an open mind.

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