How NOT to Market Your Brand in 3 Ways?

Sometimes we might get caught up with so many marketing options and opportunities. However, sad to say, not all marketing tools are good for your brands.

In Marketing, There is No Place for Mistakes

In Marketing, There is No Place for Mistakes

Many marketers look at generating business and getting leads as the main purpose and goal for its marketing campaign. Because of that, they will use any kind of marketing tool so long it works. And there goes a very huge MISTAKE because some marketing tools may backfire on the brand reputation.

Hurting the brand reputation of your company will mean hurting your business in the long run. It will remind you of the song,  “Killing Me Softly With His Song” where continuous using of marketing tools that seems to make you money in the short run could eventually kill your brand in the long run.

Some marketing strategies may look good in the short run; however, in the long run, it may be Killing Your Brand "Softly" [Image is borrowed from the Album cover of this classic hit of all time]

Some marketing strategies may look good in the short run; however, in the long run, it may be Killing Your Brand “Softly”                                                        [Image is borrowed from the Album cover of this classic hit of all time]

Here are 3 Ways NOTto Market Your Brand:

#1 Blasting of Emails

B2B marketers love this so much because it is the easiest thing to do. All you need is to get some marketing or PR agency who has a massive list of emails in their database that may likely to be your prospective targeted customers. You pay them a fee and they will send your marketing letters to their database on a regular basis.

Email blasting can be the number one killer for your brand reputation. It looks very ‘spammy’ and may leave a very bad impression on the receiver.  Sometimes your email blast may just ‘interrupt’ your would-be customers at the wrong time. Moreover, your targeted audience may not need your service and products at that particular moment of email blast. Most of the time, they will just ‘invite’ your company advertisement into their spam box, perhaps in a not so nice way. And if your brand is consistently staying in your targeted customers’ spam box, they will always NOT remember your brand.

Email Blasting May Just Blast Your Reputation Away

Email Blasting May Just Blast Your Reputation Away

Email blasts do give you some business in the short run however do spare a thought for your business in the future as well. Don’t rely on it too much.

#2 Sales Promotion Hype

Do not always depend on sales promotion hype as a so called foolproof marketing tool to bring in the sales. The promotion hype appear everywhere in many forms such as opening sale, new year sale, great Singapore sale, closing down sale, ‘Always’ closing down sale, Christmas sale, Trade-in Discount Sales and so on. Many companies marketers depend and rely too much on sales promotion. Well, you definitely will see some increase in sales during the promotion period; but will it help your company build up its brand reputation in the long run??? It’s still a BIG question mark.

Sales Promotion May Not Always Work Today

Sales Promotion May Not Always Work Today

Sales promotion is one of the 4 Ps of Marketing, we have learnt in our  traditional marketing textbooks. Sales promotion, in simple terms, is the deliberate decrease in the retail price by a certain proportion so that prospects will be motivated and ‘urged’ to buy during that promotion period. However, in today’s context, marketers cannot totally rely on sales promotion anymore. Some reasons are:

Sales promotion is too easy to use and it is used rampantly by too many marketers in the world. All they have to do is to reduce price below retail, keep it above cost price, announce to the whole world through mass media advertising, and then, wait for profits to come in automatically. It’s not that easy anymore.

This is because consumers are smarter today. They learnt to see through so called sales promotion around them. You have to do better than that. Moreover, your competitors are also doing the same thing. So what if you are reducing price when everybody is doing it? It makes no difference at all.

Hence, you must learn to differentiate your brand in many ways other than just doing sales promotion. You need to make your brand feel uniquely good in the minds of the consumer. So that, even if your competitors will to slash their prices way below their cost price, customers will still come to buy your brand even though it is more expensive than the rest.

#3 Lucky Draws and Giveaways

Does Lucky Draws and Giveaways Help Your Brand to Grow? Or Does it Not?

Does Lucky Draws and Giveaways Help Your Brand to Grow? Or Does it Not?

Giving away expensive gifts and prizes is commonly seen in big consumer brands with colossal marketing budget; this is one of the so called marketing gimmick to attract a potential consumer in order for him or her to get to know the brand more. Marketers will usually advertise heavily and consistently on the contests, lucky draws and giveaways, hoping that more customers will come to know their brand through such efforts.

Somehow this may look like a brilliant strategy for company branding. However, it may backfire as well.

Your brand image will be blurred. Unless your company is a lucky draw giveaway center, you should not rely too much on contest and lucky draw to build up your brand; the worst consequence you may eventually get, is that you may attract the wrong crowd through your high budget advertising campaigns and efforts.

At the end of the day, you might have 1000 prospects who took part in your contest, but out of this 1000 participants, most of them might be only going for the prize and not even looking or peeping at your company products and services. In the end, you may get nothing but a lot of disloyal brand fans.

In summary, focus on the marketing strategies that will contribute to the long term growth for your brand and business. Be realistic and do something different; do not rely too much on the so-called marketing tools that are commonly used by everyone including your competitors.

5 thoughts on “How NOT to Market Your Brand in 3 Ways?

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  2. Ha-ha. Absolutely true! As a Marketer I have the difficult task to persuade superiors in any company that it is not a great idea to do the listed actions too much. 🙂 A perfect collection of cheap brand-killing actions. 🙂

  3. This is a good read and identifies exactly the tactical mentality of Asian CEOs. Especially the use of sales promotions to drive short term revenue. Using price as a ‘tool’ to build a business is a zero sum game as it only attracts opportunists and not potential partners which is how business owners should see customers, especially as for most firms, they only make a profit on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th sale and not on the first.

    If CEOs, especially those in the retail sector were to invest in their staff and in retention, the need to constant sales would not arise.

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