Facebook Talk Density – In Depth

Understanding Facebook Talk 'Density'

Understanding Facebook Talk ‘Density’

Talk density on Facebook, in my opinion, is one of the important factors in determining the effectiveness of your Facebook business page. It is also one area where you can analyse the social media strategy of your business competitors.

Definition of Facebook Talk Density

Your talk density is the percentage of people talking about your brand over the  number of likes in your page.

Formula of Talk Density

Formula of Talk Density

The formula for talk density is measured as “the number of people talking about your brand” divided by “the total number of likes in your Facebook page” times a hundred percent.

A good talk density should be no less than 10%. Talk density is also a good measuring tool to analyse your competitors’ social media marketing approach.

A Low Facebook Talk Density means your Competitor has:

i) Existence of Fake Likes

Fake Likes may be Possible

Very Low Talk Density may means Fake Likes

A very low talk density (< 5%) may tell signs of fake likes in your competitors’ facebook pages. Especially when you suddenly sees that your competitor’s page risen to more 10,000 likes in less than a month.

However, when they start posting new threads and when only a few out of the 10,000 liked the posts, you can obviously tell that most of your competitors’ fans are non-genuine.

ii) Low Customer Engagement

A low talk density also tells you that your competitor’s brand is not engaging enough with its prospects especially when your competitor uses too many traditional ‘push marketing’ tactics such as promotion, offers and advertisements to entice the prospects to like their posts.

Traditional "Push" Marketing may not work in social media

Traditional “Push” Marketing may not work in social media

Many times, such interrupting method does not work. Moreover, it defeats the precise purpose of social media, which is to interact with the fans, making them feel good owning your brand and therefore willing to tell all their friends about it.

Traditional advertising approach will never work in social media, it will only create a one-way dialogue from the brand to the prospects, which will then further aggravate your brand identity in the prospects’ mind.

iii) Many Boring and Unrelated Posts

Too many boring posts in your Facebook page would also lead to poor talk density. This is because the people in your Facebook page do not find it cool to share the contents. Unless it is their enemy, they would not want to bored their friends with your boring post.

Please Don't Make Boring Posts!

Please Don’t Make Boring Posts!

Too many unrelated posts may lead to an increase in the number of inactive likes in your page; these people, who were once your fans, are beginning to lose the interest in everything about your brand.

Hence, by looking at your competitors’ facebook talk density and also by figuring out the reasons for their low talk density, you could then find the right strategies to win your competitors in social media.

Facebook Talk Density is Constantly Changing.

Hence, in order to make it  stay above 10% mark, you should:

i) Interesting and Interactive Posts

Make your posts interesting so that it would be good to share. You should also make them interactive so that people would want to comment something on it.

Your posts must make your fans take action

Your posts must make your fans take action

ii) Do it Consistently

To maintain or increase your talk density level, you should post regularly in your Facebook page.

Always be on the GO

Always be on the GO

On the other hand, irregular posting may result in a falling talk density. Hence, companies should consider setting up a social media marketing department.

iii) Don’t Hard Sell. Educate

Traditional advertising method will not work well for your Facebook marketing activities. Hence, try to prevent yourself from doing too much hard selling.

Focus on the Soft Approach

Focus on the Soft Approach

iv) Drive more traffic to your Page and Posts

Continue to drive more traffic to like your page and your posts.  Use Facebook advertising to target the right group of people. Moreover, as you create more brand exposure online or offline, try to link them back to your Facebook page as well.

Drive more web traffic to your page

Drive more web traffic to your page

Disclaimer: High Facebook Talk Density doesn’t mean Anything if:

i) Purpose is Wrong

Sometimes, there might be a lot of people who talk about your brand on Facebook because their real purposes are only to join your lucky draws, get your free gifts or share your cute “unrelated to your brand” image. Many may not have the intention to convert themselves into becoming your buying client.

Chimpanzee A to Chimpanzee B: "That silly company is giving away free bananas again. Just go like their page and get away with it."

Chimpanzee A to Chimpanzee B: “That silly company is giving away free bananas again. Just go like their page and you’ll get the bananas.”

ii) Hate Likes 

High talk density may probably due to the increased number of hate likes. Hate likes are people who put negative comments or people who like the negative comments in your page. What it means to you is that, your brand is famous in the wrong way.

Don't be famous the wrong way

Don’t be famous the wrong way

iii) Inconsistency in the Long Run

Due to heavy advertising, you may have a lot of likes suddenly. This may instantly increase the number of people talking about your brand but such figure will not be consistent in the long term if your posts are not interesting enough to be shared.

Think of the Long Run and also be Consistent

Think of the Long Run and also be Consistent

In summary, as a marketer, you need to constantly engage people on your brand. You need to make sure that your prospects not just like your page and that’s it. You need to constantly make people feel good about your brand so that you will enjoy better brand loyalty.

As a takeaway, I hope you would remember this:

“What you are dealing with are not figures, statistics or numbers; but real people who will eventually become your brand’s mavericks if you constantly engage them well on Facebook.”

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