8 Successful Tips for Facebook Marketing

It is not the number of likes you have, it is the number of the quality likes that’s matter.

Learn to be on top form in Facebook Marketing

Learn to be on the top form in Facebook Marketing

When Facebook changed it algorithms last year, many business owners have found that the organic reach of the posts has dropped tremendously. This has resulted in the significant drop in the number of likes in their individual posts on their Facebook pages.

One of ways to resolve this, is to focus on the quality of your page likes. These people need to be your raving fans who would constantly seek to find out things about your brand on your page. How to do that?

Below are the 8 tips to get started with a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

1. Have a strong theme for your Facebook page

Focus on one theme and that is it.If you are in the business of selling cars, your Facebook page should be all about cars. Do not go out of point by posting irrelevant things. Also make sure your profile picture as well as your cover page is simple, straightforward and all about your theme.

2. Understand the purpose of your Facebook marketing

We need to be very clear of what is our purpose when we market our brands on Facebook.

For business, generally, we want to see an increase in sales turnover from our Facebook reach. Sometimes, when marketers asked me how to increase the number of Facebook likes, I would usually ask them back, “why do you want to increase the number of Facebook likes?.”

Most of them would simply give me the answer, “well, if my page likes increases, my brand would be more popular.”

Sad to say, this is not a very strong purpose. We need to be very specific in what we want to get from our Facebook campaign; for example what is the exact amount of sales you want to achieve and by when (what date) you want to see the achievement?

Be specific. Know where you want to go

Be specific. Know where you want to go

3.  Target the right prospects with Facebook Advertising platform

One of the fastest ways to get good quality Facebook users to like your page is to advertise your brand page using Facebook Advertising platform. With Facebook advertising, you could target the prospects based on their age, marital status and interests. Say if you are a real estate salesman and your targeted audience is mostly home owners. Then, you can target, engaged and married couples or even people in a relationship who are in the age between say, 26 to 40 year old.

This group of people have the buying power and also a higher possibility in buying your products in the future.

A local golf retailer can use Facebook advertising to target Facebook users living in the region what have the interests in golfing.

4. Create Value in your Posts

Be it a picture or a simple text, any post in your Facebook page should create value for your consumers.

The posts should be all about what is in for the consumers. That is why you should make your posts interesting and educational such that your consumers could see that you are the expert in the products and services related to your industry. This means that, sales advertisements, promotions offers, discounts deal or other hardcore selling messages should be “restricted” in your posts.

"I would be interested if your brand is all about grasses

“I would be interested if your brand is all about grasses.”

Tell them how your brand is of value and of benefit to them; and not telling them how cheap your brand is to them.

5. Interactive Post will attract comments

Make your posts interactive and interesting so as to encourage more comments and sharing.

Your posts determine the entire value of your brand’s positioning in the Facebook market. So it is very important to post them carefully. The easiest ways that you could encourage people to comment on your posts, is to ask for their opinions. Ask them questions, such as “do you like this”, “which picture do you like” and so on.

Tiger: "Come and interact with me, I won't bite."

Tiger: “Come, interact with me. I promise I won’t bite.”

6. Market to your Existing Audience

As mentioned earlier, your organic reach may have reduced due to the changes in Facebook algorithms; if you already have 10,000 page likes, your organic reach may be only less than 1000.It is quite a pity, if your posts are relevant and your audience are highly potential; and you are not able to reach all of them.  Such volume of 10,000 Facebook users, may also take you months and months of hard work to achieve that; and they should deserve to know whatever latest updates and happenings from your brand.

One way is that you could encourage your existing fans to subscribe your page to their interest list; the other way, which is more effective, is that you could use Facebook advertising to target to them as well. Market your posts to them such that they could see them whenever they logged onto their Facebook accounts.

7.  Do not buy Fake or Non Genuine Facebook Fans

Refrain from buying fake Facebook users from the so-called Facebook merchants; fake likes may seem to have improved the number of your page likes, but it will never help in your brand building at all.

So what if the brand has 100,000 fake likes. It makes no business sense at all.

Do not buy fake facebook likes

Screenshot: From a Facebook ‘Like’ merchant

Some social media gurus helped their clients to increase page likes by using their database of real people; however, this database of real Facebook users may not genuinely like the clients’ brands as well; this is because they are just “employed” to like it by the gurus.

Focus on getting quality Facebook users that has a higher chance of buying your product eventually.

It is not about the quantity, it is about quality.

8. Scoring a constant Facebook talk density

Talk density is a good and realistic measurement of how responsive people are talking about your brand on Facebook right now.

The formula is:

fb talk density

By aiming to keep the talk density level above the 10% mark, you could confidently ensure that you have the right amount of people talking and sharing about your brand online. Likewise, for brands who have a huge number of fake Facebook likes or non-genuine likes, their Facebook talk density will also reflect a very low figure.

In short, Facebook is just like any marketing tool; it is not the ability of the tool but the ability of the one who uses the tool. The swordsman is not a good swordsman even if he has the finest sword in the world. We can only say that he is a good swordsman from his skills and the masterful way he wields the sword.

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