Top 16 Twitter Profile Mistakes in the World

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform in the world, with at least about 200 million active users. Your Twitter profile (or bio) determined who and what you are in the eyes of others who found you on Twitter. With only 160 characters,you need to come out with something interesting and unique about you.

Please do not follow the below 16 Twitter profile mistakes:

1. “Oh man, I am so into #Hashtag”

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“You see, I #love to #ski; my #other #interests involves #watching #CSI, #Survivor; I #love to #travel too!”


Overusing of #Hashtag on your Twitter profile make it looks messy to read.

2. I’m a Guru, my friend

One of the taboo words to use in Twitter is perhaps, the word, “Guru”. There are ALREADY too many social media guru, law guru, love guru, furniture guru, food guru, travel guru, internet guru, cat guru, dog guru, rabbit guru, “i-am-the-guru-of-whatever-thing-you-want-to-know and so on.

3. Silly errors

Check before you post

Check before you post anything

Check out for any grammatical  and spelling errors in your profile. Such error may make others perceive you as unprofessional or careless.

4. […………….?]

Fill up the blank space

Fill up the blank space

Write something in your profile. Do not leave it blank and assume people already know who you are.

5. Follow the Manual, please

Just follow and do not ask me why

Just follow this and do not ask me why

I remembered I see these several times on some Twitter profiles. Well it goes like this,

“Step 1: Follow Me

Step 2: Retweet My Tweet

Step 3: Mention Me

Step 4: And then say I’m cute so I will follow you back.

6. Hey Egg, What’s Up Egg?

This happens when you do not upload any profile picture on Twitter. Social media is all about building relationship with real people; so, add your real picture there!

7. Words are incomplet*

Do not copy and paste your 1000 words CV into your Twitter profile! Say everything about yourself in 160 characters and that is it!


“BIG CAPITALIZE WORDS!!” are often perceived as loud and rude. So, be humble a little. Write small words.

9. No Website Link

Link people to your website

Link people to your website

Your Twitter profile is short and limited. Sometimes, people may want to find out more about you. So, adding a website link is a must.

10. It’s %#$@ing Awesome!

Acting cute is better than hurling profanity on Twitter

Acting cute is better than hurling profanity on Twitter

Make your profile “reader-friendly”. Refrain from any swearing words and profanity. It will make you less credible and rude.

11. Are you sure you’re not the real Lady Gaga?

Be Original

Be Original

Be who you are. Do not use fake profiles, do not impersonate other people or celebrities. You are who you are, so just be yourself.

12. Scan My QR Code on Twitter to Find out More About Me!

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This is so strange. Just tell people directly about your brand, do not need to beat around the bush. Moreover, some of us are using mobile phones to log in on Twitter, so it is really impossible to scan the QR code too.

13. This has nothing to do with me, LOL!

Dog: Being a reindeer has nothing to do with me!

Dog: “Oh boy, this is so weird.”

Tell people things that are relevant to you or your brand. Refrain from going out of point such as quote other people’s saying.

14. nO fUn LOVinG WorDS @P*LeaSe

Fun loving words may look cool or cute, but they will make your Twitter profile, look difficult to be read.

15. Follow Me, I Dare You [STARE]

Owl: You want to Challenge?

Owl: “Oh, you want a challenge?”

Do not challenge people to follow. They will be so super freaked out because of that; and instead of following you, they will try their best to avoid you.

16. Everything about Me is for SALE~!

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Do not oversell. People want to make friends with others whom they have common interests; nobody would want anybofy to hard sell them anything.

Here you are,

the top 16 Twitter Profile mistakes in the world. Feel free to add more in the comment box below. Cheers!

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