Edu-vertising is the new Advertising

Advertising has been evolving over the years, it seems that the traditional “In-Your-Face” shoutout advertisement are losing its effectiveness in convincing today’s consumers as well as reaching out to them.

Consumer behavior evolves

funny evolution

Consumers are  bombarded with lots of advertising messages every single day especially when information is becoming so excessively available on the internet and social media. The level of attention to shoutout ads starts to decline as a result; people will just ignore the ads and move on.

Moreover, according to the latest research by GlobalWebIndex, people are now spending more time on the internet and social media than traditional media such as the TV and the print.   Hence, what it means is that traditional media is gradually losing out its magical touch in winning the new age consumers. Businesses can no longer guarantee their success solely based on their exposure on traditional media anymore. They need to move two steps ahead. Firstly, to get themselves involved in the new media; and secondly, to understand how to make consumers today love their brands.

The first step is easy and every business can just do it. However, it is the second step that is difficult.

Businesses which have the “know-how” in making consumers today to love their brands, will grow even faster than those which do not have.

Edu-Vertising the New Consumer Audience

Advertising on the new media is still not enough. We need edu-vertising. This is because edu-vertising is a small but powerful factor that makes consumer today to love your brand willingly. It is simply education with the element of advertising inside.

Advertising is all about shout outs, playing around with promotions, offers, sale,  discounts and huge price cutting exercises. It is also about making big events, creative TV and radio commercials, or putting up a massive “Like” campaign on Facebook.

shout out 2

However, edu-vertising is different.

It is about businesses putting interesting content about their industry on the internet so as to share with the consumers; it is about educating people about how your brand can help them; it is also about you contributing your expert opinions on the matters that concern about your brand and your consumers; it is about being featured in an editorial column rather than in a full page advertisement.

With Edu-Vertising, brands actually “assist” the consumers to like them in a subtle way. In other words, such approach will be more convincing than a shoutout advertisement because consumers are able to make their buying decision in a more independent way. Edu-vertising makes consumer perceive your brand as the expert in your industry and therefore gives you a branding advantage ahead of your competition.

Ride the opportunity wave of edu-vertising

Any type of business with any size of marketing budget, can still grow their market share at a very fast pace with the know-how of edu-vertising. This new type of branding approach will therefore be something that will go timely with today’s era where consumers are bombarded with lots of information and ad messages everywhere.

Hence, take this opportunity today!

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