6 Copywriting Tips that will Pack a Punch to Your Brand

Persuasive copywriting is important especially in making your brand influential in the minds of your consumers. A good ad copy make your consumers want to buy your products and services. This is one powerful skill every marketer need to learn and master.

Here are 6 easy but powerful copywriting tips:

1) Attention-grabbing title


Use a strong title that is able to catch the attention of your consumer within split seconds. Imagine your consumers is searching for your book (product /services) in a library shelf among all your competitors, what is it in your title (words) or design (colours) that makes them want to look a little more at what your brand has for them?

Two examples of attention grabbing titles are ‘using of numbers’ (e.g. 7 Effective Ways to Youtube Marketing) and ‘asking questions’ (How bad is the headache? Can this product help?)

2) Connect, connect and connect!

Image credits: alittlebrownblog.blogspot.com

Image credits: alittlebrownblog.blogspot.com

Paint the picture in your consumers’ minds, let them see and feel what is it like to own and enjoy your products and services. Make sure your content is all about your consumers. Make your content relevant to their problems and suggest some solutions of how your brand can save the day.

3) Cut out the sales talk

Try not to (over)use traditional hype words like “For Sales!”, “50% Discounts”, “Buy one get one free” or “This Offer is Limited”. Such words may be too loud for some consumers. Smart consumers today think a lot as there are too many hard-selling advertisements bombarding them everyday, hence it will be good to do the soft sell.

4) Use Powerful Words

Words such as ‘You’ or ‘New’ can be quite influential. As “You” makes the consumer think that your brand is talking directly to him or her. While the word “New” makes people curious to find out what your brand has in stall for them.

Also try to put in more action words (verbs) to your ad copy. Words and phrases such as “Try it, “Get Quotation today”, “Call us” can be used as your call to action. Verbs are generally more powerful than adjectives or nouns as it can subconsciously influence the consumer to act.

Let try a little experiment. Say out this word, – “Yawn”. And then imagine watching a video of a hippo doing a “Yawn.” Do you feel a little bit like Yawning?

5) Brevity and Simplicity are essential

Some words and phrases  may be too short and simple but they can be very powerful in meaning.

Image credits: robinlaluna.wordpress.com

Image credits: robinlaluna.wordpress.com

Many good brands slogans today are short and simple such “Just Do It” (NIKE), “Think Small” (Volkswagen Beetle) or “Eat Fresh” (Subway). The less words you used, the more catchy your brand will be in the consumers’ mind.

6) Be authentic

Image credits: doblelol.com

Image credits: doblelol.com

Some advertisers will tell their consumers that their product is the best of all, as if the product is completely flawless. A good copywriter must not oversell their products too much. Instead, the copywriter should only writes the content that can be perceived by the consumer as authentic. Authentic content is something that the consumer believes is true and reasonable in their own perspective.

At the end of the day, your copywriting skills can determine the direction of where your brand is heading; do it correctly and your brand will definitely go a long way. Good luck!

One thought on “6 Copywriting Tips that will Pack a Punch to Your Brand

  1. I Liked your tips that you have explained about what is more effective strategy to sell our products.Specially kinda words that you have mentioned are really unique with unique examples.

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