S.P.I.C.E.S of Social Media Branding

Spice Up Your Social Media Brand?

Spice Up Your Social Media Brand?

Some brands may find it hard to market themselves on social media. To get them going, all they need is a clear understanding of their business goals as well as a ‘little push’ of these spices of social media branding.

Sniper to a Targeted Audience

Image credits: CheezBurger.com

Image credits: CheezBurger.com

Today, social media has the largest amount of active users in the world; therefore it is very logical for any brand to leverage on it. However, it can also hurt the company’s budget if the brand does not target the right consumer market. Hence,  be a sniper and consistently aim at a targeted audience.

Personality is Important

Image credits: funnytimes.com

Image credits: funnytimes.com

Give a personality to your brand. As you communicate with your consumers, talk to them like a real person. In this way, your consumers will feel that your brand is authentic and real.

Innovate Your Consumer Approach

Image credits: friendlybeings.com

Image credits: friendlybeings.com

Think out of the box of how you can create interests to your consumers on social media. How you can make them share your brand willingly on their social media pages to their family and friends.

Community Building Around Your Brand

Image credits: sodahead.com

Image credits: sodahead.com

Build a strong community of raving fans for your brand. Make them feel good to be part of your fan base. For example, you can give them exclusive privileges and share with them tips on how they can better themselves by using your products and services.

Engage Your Community

Image credits: starwarsfunny.com

Image credits: starwarsfunny.com

Social media platform is where you can receive direct feedback from your consumers. So, engage your community in a way, you allow a two-way communication traffic. You can also appoint some of your best customers as your community administrator; in this way, the customer loyalty will be very strong as they will feel a sense of belonging to your brand community.

Social Media Loves – Earn it!

Your brand need to earn as many social media loves as possible. It is not complicated at all. What you need to do, is to be likeable in your community. Learn to treat your consumers with respect; in this way, your brand will also receive the same amount of social media loves from your consumers too!

And there you have, the S.P.I.C.E.S of social media branding. Too hot and sexy yeah?


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