7 Tips to Be a Better Facebook Story Bumper

Credits: TreeHugger.com

Credits: TreeHugger.com

A few months ago, Facebook has done away with its Edgerank algorithm by introducing “Story Bumping”. Content has therefore become much more important than before.

To be a good Facebook story bumper, follow these 7 Tips :

1) Post What Your Audience Like to See

Do not post anything that is non-related to your targeted consumers on Facebook. Post something that they like to see and find out more about how your brand can help them.

Credits: funnystatus.com

Credits: funnystatus.com

2) Create Engagement

Ask questions to get more interaction among your fans. Create interesting content that will make people like, comment and share your posts to their connection on Facebook.

3) Be Current

Be aware of the current news and trend that is going around your industry and the world today. Create original content that is current; while at the same time, relate it with your brand and your audience.

4) Use Visuals

People are visual creatures. We see more to believe. Hence, make use of good pictures and visual graphics to illustrate your brand story to your Facebook audience.


Credits: featherbookseries.wordpress.com

5) Advertise on Facebook 

Advertising on Facebook helps to boost your audience reach; and hence make more people like your page and your posts. However, you need to know that “how you manage your page content on Facebook is all the more important than how much you advertise on Facebook.” Since your competitors can also advertise their business on Facebook with perhaps, higher ad budgets; the only thing that sets your brand differently from them, is your content.

6) Induce Re-Visitation

Sometimes it is pretty hard to stay consistently ahead on top of your fans news feed via story bumping. Everyone wants to get the attention of the consumer. You need to think of ideas on how to induce people to type your Facebook Page URL  on their browsers; to visit and revisit your page again and again. In other words, building brand loyalty among your consumers is crucial.  One way is to ask them to put your page in their interest list.

7) Surprise Them Occasionally 

“Boring same old thing again.” You may eventually reach a stage where your existing Facebook audience feel bored about your content. So, it is essential to keep on thinking of fresh new angles to your content (something that you have never did before) to surprise your audience occasionally.

Credits: theberry.com

Credits: theberry.com

In short,

In order to be a good Facebook story bumper, you need to share interesting content.  Yeah?

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