Value is Key to Social Media Success


To be successful in social media, we need to add value. What consumers want to see in a brand is what kind of value they can get from it. Value tells consumers whether or not it is worthwhile for them to share your brand.

Here are 3 ways to add value into your social media campaigns.

i) Stop the Sales Pitch



One reason why some business are not successful in social media marketing is because they sell too much.

These businesses often mistook social media as an avenue to hard sell their products and services. Social media marketing is NOT about selling but it is about building relationship with your consumers, educating them about your products and services, and then making them love your brand.

ii) Make Time for Brand Building



Consumers need time to be familiarized about your brand and then, to be educated about your individual products and services. So, you need to plan your social media campaign in a way that you are able to control and see at which level has your brand met the consumers’ expectation.

Do not rush to see quick results especially if you are managing a new business start up. Give it some time for your business to nurture in the social media arena.

One thing to take note is that not all social media platforms are suitable for your business. So by making time for brand building, not even you can add value to your consumers, you will also have ample time to find out which type of social media platform suits you the best. If a social media platform is not working for your business, try another one!



Therefore, you can divert your limited funds to the most effective social media platform to drive more targeted consumers to your business!

iii) Give them What they Want



Give your consumers what they want. One reason why consumers liked other business via their social media pages is because the content shared by the business is useful for them.

One common social media failure among business today is that these businesses do not give consumers what they want. They posted content such as cute pictures, technical jargon and things that are not related to the business.

I had recently browsed a Facebook page of a well known Singapore food catering company; almost 50% of the content, the company shared its discounts and promotion. This is something that consumers will avoid if your business is still not yet a prominent brand. About 40% of their page, they write about inspirational quotes from famous people as well as they would also occasionally organize smart phones giveaway contest to random fans in their page. Only less than 10% of their content, they will mention about their products and services.

Consumers want to see the value of your brand especially something that can relate to them. So it is important to give them what they want; and you will never go wrong.



Business competition in social media has been increasing rapidly as many big or small companies are joining the social media bandwagon. It is then very crucial for businesses to constantly think of effective methods to add value to the consumers; so that in the way, it will make the business more remarkable than the rest. All the best!

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