Top 10 Freaky Things People Can Do on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 1 billion active users; almost 1 in 5 people use Facebook. Some people, may not even realise that Facebook has controlled their lives to the point of making them do freaky or embarrassing things to others intentionally or unintentionally.

Here I present to you the top 10 freaky things people can do on Facebook. Enjoy!

1) I Tag You, I Tag You, I Tag You!

ice cream

We will call him or her, “The Tagger.” Taggers are those who will tag their friends in whatever pictures they have. It does not matter to them that their friends may not even be in the picture, or part of that particular activity. They just want to TAG them! Their friends may shrug it off if they were tagged on one or two pictures occasionally. But imagine their annoyance if they are constantly tagged in irrelevant pictures every other day.

That’s freaky number one. Let move on to the next!

2) The Emo Freak



Emo freaks are Facebook users who will say things like life is miserable, work is stressful, colleagues are horrible, friends are disappointing and many other freaky emo stuff. Emo freaks treat Facebook as the most convenient place to voice out their “emo-sophy”, or to sound wistful and philosophical. (Take that! Grammar Police!)  Emo people make people around them feel emo as well, so it’s best to avoid them.

3) Accept my Game Requests!

Credits: VeryFunnyPics.Eu

Credits: VeryFunnyPics.Eu

Games are great  things because they help us to relax and have fun. On the opposite, games can also make us look like freaky “game requesters” in front of our friends on Facebook.

Our friends may feel annoyed if they constantly receive notifications from us about game requests. Not all our friends like the same games as we do; some may not even play games. So, play your own games and give your friends a break!

4) Sharing is Caring (or not?)



Some people like to share interesting videos and articles (on another note, please share my article, okay?) especially on their friends’ Facebook timeline without their permission. This is not so good.

One of my friends who is a teacher almost got himself fired after one freaky friend posted on his facebook timeline, tons of videos and pictures about girls in bikini. This teacher is not an active Facebook user so he only logged onto Facebook once or twice a month. Moreover, he did not set his privacy setting well. All of those posts of scantily clad ladies on his page, although not posted by himself, almost got him fired by his employer if he had not been able to clear the misunderstanding.

We need to respect the privacy of our friends. We can private message (pm) or email them; hence it is distasteful to post anything on our friends’ timeline without their permission.

5) Grammar Police!

Credits: Pinterest

Credits: Pinterest

Nobody likes grammar police. Yes, sometimes there are friends who may not post a grammatically correct Facebook status update. However, if the content doesn’t confuse or cause any misunderstanding, move on! Grammar police like to embarrass their friends on Facebook by showing off their ‘brainy’ capability by correcting their grammar mistakes.

6) Always Criticising



“Why are you wearing this awful dress. It makes you look fatter.”

“You know what, your writing sucks. Go back to kindergarten, bonzo!”

“I want to laugh when I see how silly you and your baby look in this photo. Lol.”

If you respect your friends, please do not criticise them. They will feel hurt. Criticising friends embarrass them in front of other people. So, try not to do that, it would make you look bad too.

7) The Parent’s Request!

This is Embarrassing. Credits: Huffington Post

Credits: Huffington Post

One of the top reasons why teenagers are leaving Facebook once and for all is because they felt awkward when their parents send them a friend’s request. Do they accept the request and thus make their posts and updates visible to their parents? If they were to reject the request, would the parent feel upset? Dear parents, do give your children privacy; let them decide what to do or what friends to make on social media.

On another note, some young parents today set up active Facebook accounts for their newborn babies. It seems fun and cute but it may not be good especially when the child turns into an adult. Give the children more space for the sake of their future well being, please!

8) The Racist Jokers

Racist buggers, be aware! Facebook or any other social media network is not a place to post uncalled for racist remarks. We have seen many people getting caught on social media for racist remarks; some have been fired by their employers; while some were scolded by hundreds of netizens around the world.



Respect other people’s differences, race and culture. Sometimes out of fun and not disrespect, people may put racist jokes on Facebook. However, try to avoid that, because not everyone can accept these kind of jokes.

9) I Like You – by a Stranger



Stalkers! – in other words. Sometimes, without us realising it, just by looking at other people’s Facebook profiles, we are acting like stalkers too! Many of us are curious and gossispy by nature, so we may like to follow our friends’ updates. This is still acceptable (assuming that none of our Facebook friends are criminal stalkers).

To play safe, only add friends that you know personally. Avoid accepting friend’s requests from strangers or you will be freaking out someday!

10) Begging for Likes



It is not funny, there are real people like that today! They will beg for Facebook likes. These people will call you in the middle of the night, to ask you to ‘like’ their latest photo on Facebook or like their Facebook page.

They feel lousy when nobody like their photos. Well, if your best friend has this “Likes Begging Syndrome”, take him or her out for a walk or something. Tell him or her that there is life better than Facebook in the real world.

Okay! There you have, the top 10 freaky things that people do on Facebook. Like my blog for more awesome marketing updates!

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