5 Great Ways of Content Channeling


Having good original content is something that will vastly differentiate your brand from the competitors. However, great content is not enough, your brand also needs to have a good content channeling strategy too!

Let’s check out these five great ways of content channeling!

#1) Leverage on Online Media


Your business can leverage to the traffic from reputable online media that is relevant to your business. The method of content channeling is quite different from marketing, the key is to further build a long term working relationship with the online media.

From the online media’s point of view, they want consistent & original content from your business.

If your business is able to provide them with consistent & original content that can greatly benefit their readers, the editors will therefore greatly support your content more than your competitors.

#2) Allow Others to Re-Blog



Some writers are too concerned about other writers re-blogging their content or mentioning their articles online without getting their permission. Due to this restriction, because of that, their articles are often not able to garner more traffic.

In my opinion, the writer has to allow others to re-blog their articles easily in order to reach out to more audience. This is one of the best ways to spread your content.

Try not to be overly-concerned about whether the writers have or have not mentioned your website or name on the re-blogged articles. Good writers with ethics will usually indicate a mention of your website or author’s name when they re-blogged your articles.

#3) Guest Blog (Pay-It-Forward)


Just like the media publishers, blog owners are always looking for more content to put their blogs. Therefore, blog owners usually will welcome guest bloggers to post articles on their blogs.

So long, the articles are relevant to the business and benefit the readers.In return, the blog owners will also add a link to the guest bloggers’ websites so that their readers will get to know more about the guest bloggers too.

Hence, the more your brand guest blogs, the more potential reader traffic you will receive gradually. This is what we call, paying it forward with a guest blog!

#4) Social Media Word of Mouth


The most powerful word of mouth marketing tool today, is social media. Here, we are not asking one to have a facebook page with 100,000 over likes or a Twitter following of thousands of people.

Just focus on this simple thing. Find an online media that has a fantastic track record of social media stats and then leverage on it! For example, every time the online media publish an article and there will be thousands of responses on social media in a matter of days. Then, we should leverage on that media even if our brand currently does not have a strong social media influence yet!

#5) Make it Searchable!

Make your content searchable on the search engines by placing the emphasis on important keywords that are relevant to your consumers. Think in your consumers’ shoes and create the content with an attention grabbing title that the consumers will most likely want to know when they search online.

Do take note that the results from this strategy may or may not happen for a particular article to appear on the first page of Google or Yahoo. So, do not fret if the particular article, that you or your writers had spent countless of hours and millions of brain cells on, did not appear on the first page of the search engines.

What’s important for your brand is to keep on contributing good and relevant content. Do not give up. The more content your brand has published, the chances that some of your articles will get on the first page of the search engines will therefore be very high!

In a nutshell,

if your brand has both content strategy and content channeling strategy, your products and services can definitely sell well  because your brand is so, so much from the rest of your competition! Happy writing!

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