7 Tips to Grow Your Reputation Using Linkedin

reputation increase with Linkedin

Building reputation is important to any business or individual. For the business, it makes the brand becoming more well-liked and demanded by the consumers. For the individual, reputation increases one’s portfolio value which leads to more opportunities to grow.

Linkedin is a powerful reputation building tool for the business and the individual.

Here are the 7 tips to grow your reputation using Linkedin.

#1 Create an Expert Profile

Credits: thefunnyplanet.com

Credits: thefunnyplanet.com

Let people know who you are, what you do and how you or your business can help them . Other than telling others how awesome we are, we tell them how we can make them or their businesses awesome with our expertise.

#2 Write Original Articles

Be Original. Don't Copy!

Be Original. Don’t Copy!

Make efforts in writing original articles. Tell people your opinions on things related to your profession and industry. Many people or businesses do not like to write. So, for those who are willing to write something about their expertise, they will have a better advantage in building their reputation via Linkedin.

#3 Share Your Opinions

Share your expert opinions to gain more opportunities.

Share your expert opinions to gain more opportunities.

Join Linkedin groups and then share your expert views there. Look for groups that your potential customers may be in as well as groups that are related to your industry and professionalism. By sharing your expert views with these groups, your brand credibility can gradually improve as a result.

#4 Give Constructive Comments

Credits: veryfunnypics.eu

Credits: veryfunnypics.eu

Look for popular influencers’ posts on the Linkedin groups and then give constructive comments on them. In this way, you can leverage on the popularity of the posts which can then help to make your brand profile more visible to more professionals. When commenting, try not to use words or phrases that are aggressive or defensive, as these may not portray a positive image for your brand reputation.

#5 Connect with the Right Professionals

Connect with the right people on Linkedin, one person at a time.

Connect with the right people on Linkedin, one person at a time.

Linkedin enhances the power of business networking. By connecting with like-minded professionals, you can extend your network, industry knowledge and also build up your market value. Personally, I had met some fantastic people via Linkedin; in one small way or another, they have linked me to many great opportunities which improve my personal brand reputation thereafter.

#6 Do not Sell Until You Meet!

Credits: blog.straightnorth.com

Credits: blog.straightnorth.com

Although Linkedin is often known as the “Business Social Network”, it does not mean that people can hard sell there! I had disconnected one particular Linkedin connection. This is because after we were connected on Linkedin, he consistently messaged me to ask me to become his product distributors. His over-enthusiastic approach somehow had “scared” me away. Moreover, also try not to sell or advertise massively on Linkedin groups as it may not look good on your brand image. Instead, we convince our consumers on Linkedin which valuable content rather than advertisements.

#7 Create Lasting Business Relationships

building relationships

Build your professional network one person at a time. Continue to share expert opinions about who you are, what you do and how you can help them. Build a strong brand reputation and business relationship with your Linkedin connection one at a time too. Along the way, some of them will endorse your skills or even recommend businesses or opportunity to you!

Credits: EpicLol.com

Credits: EpicLol.com

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Building reputation takes time; therefore, do not expect our business or individual portfolio to skyrocket the very next day we get onto the Linkedin bandwagon. However, compare to other social networks or media platforms, Linkedin is considered a faster way to build our reputation and professional network. So, it is still worthwhile to invest every little minute and effort on this social network, to reap in countless amount of benefits in the long run. Remember – one person at a time. Good luck!

This article was first published on Linkedin by Jacky Tan.

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