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“Social ‘M’  How Your Start-Up Can Take On The Big Boys Today

Social 'M' by Jacky Tan

Social ‘M’ by Jacky Tan


Does your start-up need exposure, promotions and branding that is known to everyone? Now marketing opportunities once only open to the big boys are available to you at very low cost. Let Jacky Tan, who has spent years transforming small start-ups into successful brands, show you the secrets to:

# Building an adaptable, yet strong and competitive brand.

# Positioning your company as an expert in your field to millions of potential customers around the world.

# Ensuring your start-up is well-featured in media everywhere – from Internet search engines to print publications.

Packed full of strategies and tips for navigating today’s world of social media, Social ‘M’ has been called ‘inspired’, a ‘must-read’ and ‘the most timely and relevant tactical marketing manual on the planet for small business marketers’ by business authorities around the world. Read this book, and start pulling ahead of far bigger competitors today!

Get a copy of Social ‘M’ today at all POPULAR & Kinokuniya bookstores in Singapore. Or purchase online here.

Social “M” (Translated into Mandarin) 

jacky tan social m mandarin version

Available in major bookstores in Taiwan.

“Social Smart  Manage Smart Consumers on Social Media” 

"Social Smart" by Jacky Tan   (Available on

“Social Smart” by Jacky Tan (Available on

Description: Social Smart is about being “street smart” with social media; it is all about understanding how smart consumers think and feel about a brand; and how to make smart consumers today love and share your brand willingly to their friends on social media.

Social Smart also tells the reader why mass marketing may not work for the smart consumers anymore; and how should the brands change and re-position themselves, so as to win the hearts and minds of the smart consumers today. Find out more about Social Smart  on today!


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